Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Wait, What? I can do it myself?!

Winter; The month we all dread! The sun disappears at 5pm, its cold, people get sick more often, and rodents make an appearance!

The reason why mice and rats start becoming more noticeable is because they are cold too. They find your roof cavity and internal of the home a nice cosy place for them to call home. Here we are warming up the house for ourselves and our family, when we are also making it a warm spot for rodents to come and enjoy the warmth with us!

Rats/mice can produce 10 babies in 1 litter. This can happen every 8 weeks if the conditions are ideal.  So you could image how many extra little tenants you could have in your home if you let them be.

They also can cause terrible damage to insulation, ducting in the roof, electrical wiring and even plumbing pipes!  

Great, so I’ve told you all the cons about rodents, what are the pros?

They can be evicted!

Let’s not lie to ourselves; money makes the world go around. Bug King has a solution for low cost rodent control... DO IT YOURSELF! Having the right products is only 20% of the solution. The other 80% is knowing how to use them effectively. And this is where we come in...

Below is a link to all of our DIY rodent packages. The packages include baits, bait stations, full instructions on how to effectively kill the current rodent nests, and more importantly, to keep them from getting re-established. Not only that, you will receive help where needed from Bug Kings professional help line.

Bug Kings DIY Pest Control Link: https://diypestcontrol.net.nz/

DIY not for you? Or you don’t have the time? Call us on 0800 54 64 54 or email on service@bugking.co.nz to discuss getting a professional pest control technician to you.

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