Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Zealand's deadliest spider?

The legend that is the Daddy Long Legs.

And it is just that, an Urban Legend.

We've all heard the about of the Daddy Long Legs. Apparently they have the world's most potent venom but it's OK, they can't bite us because their fangs are to small.

This is something I believed before I became your friendly pest controller and did a little research.

I don't know where the legend started but the Daddy Long Legs (the correct name is actually the Cellar Spider) can prey on other spiders including venomous spiders. So the reasoning goes, if the Daddy Long Legs can kill venomous spiders capable of killing humans then it must be even deadlier but it can't bite us for some reason.

The actual reason they can prey on venomous spiders isn't the strength of their venom but more a combination of speed and their web spinning ability.

For a good example of this check out the following video of a Daddy Long Legs vs White-tail Spider;

The venom of the Daddy Long Legs has been tested and found to be not that potent, even against other insects and although their fangs are small (about 0.25mm) they can still bite us. The good news is, if this happens the worst effect you'll feel will probably be a mild short-lived burning sensation.

It might even pay to keep them around to help take care of any White-tails..........provided you can put up with all those ugly webs that is.

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