Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The top pests for June are...

It's the middle of winter and the flies are gone.

But that's seen an increase in....

Number 1: Rodents
Rats and mice are moving into the home because it's getting bloody cold and wet out there.

Look around the neighbourhood, can you see trees touching the roof of your neighbours home? There's more than a 50% chance that they've got rodents in the ceiling and don't even know it.

Number 2: Wood/native cockroaches
It's the cold and rain again, or it could be because you've just had a trailer load of wood delivered for the fireplace. Wood + disturbed habitat = outdoor cockroaches in the home.

Number 3: Ants
Amazing little insects but not so adorable when they're crawling all over the kitchen. Again it's the weather that's driving them inside. They want what we want, a nice dry, warm home.

All these guys would probably prefer to be outside....but not when it's cold and wet and there's plenty to eat inside.

You know the drill....give the team a call if you're having problems with any of these pests and we'll make sure they stay outside where they belong.

The team at Bug King / Chimney King

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