Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Borer; it’s that time of year again!

Borer; it’s that time of year again!

October and November is the time of year when Borer beetles start emerging from the wood. This is when most homeowners start to notice the first signs of Borer.

Borer is scary; well that’s how it comes across until you know all the facts and that we can do something about it!

Borer in the roof cavity and under the floor are usually picked up on if you have insulation installed, or if you have an electrician or builder do some maintenance.  Borer throughout the house is usually picked up on between October and February. This is when the borer throughout the home emerges from little holes in the wood causing piles of fine sawdust.  However if you are noticing borer holes this doesn’t mean you have active borer. It could be an old infestation that has already been treated.
Borer damage can also leave a line pattern as
shown above. This is usually inactive
and was present when the timber was milled.
Active borer will leave little circular 
holes on surface of the wood as seen here

Borer in the roof or subfloor can be treated at any time of the year. This is because the wood in these areas is usually unpainted; meaning the treatment we apply will penetrate the wood and kill the borer.

Borer internally, also known as borer on the wing must be treated between September and October before the borer flight season. This is because throughout the internal of the home the wood is usually vanished or painted and products cannot penetrate into the wood. Internal borer must be treated every year for 4 years continuously which will kill the lifecycle of the borer. You will also be happy to know it will help reduce flies over summer too, as it is also effective on flies that come in contact with the treatment.

At Bug King we offer a pre inspection before treatment. This is so we can examine the borer activity and provide you with an accurate quote, as it may only be a small portion of the home affected, or an old infestation that doesn’t require treatment at all.  If you are worried and would like to book an inspection or just chat to someone about any borer concerns, call the team at Bug King on 0800 54 64 54.