Friday, 15 March 2013

There are no short-cuts!

Pest Control is a serious business

All professional pest control companies must have your safety as their number one priority

Lately I've noticed the following signs appearing on lamp posts, round-a-bouts and staked in grass verges as I've been travelling around my local area.

Copy of sign reproduced from memory.
A good bit of cheap marketing? Maybe, but I question whether this company really understands what their customers want.

Now admittedly we're a little biased but here's the impression I'm getting from these signs;

  • They're illegal.
  • They're low cost advertising.
  • They're a short cut to get your message out to people who "just don't know". 

Do customers really want someone who takes short-cuts, doesn't follow the rules and does things on the cheap applying hazardous products to their family home?

Where peoples' safety is at stake, there are no short-cuts, you always follow the rules and you spare no expense to ensure your customers are confident in the services you provide.

Your Customer's peace of mind and safety should always be your number one priority.

The team at Bug King/Chimney King

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