Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Do ultrasonic pest repeller's work. It would be great if they did???

You know those ultrasonic, electromagnetic, ionic rodent and cockroach repellent thingy's you plug in the wall. Do they work?

The short answer is no!......so why not?

Well without getting to technical........the ability for animals to quickly acclimatise to repeated stimuli is well known.

What this means is that you may get some temporary relief from the problem but before you know it the pests are going only going to treat these products as soothing background music. Something that provides an assurance that everything's OK as they go about their daily tasks.

If these products worked then we'd be using them, they don't, so we don't.

Please be aware: the Australian Government Consumer Watch body the ACCC forced a brand of these products off the market as they had no effect on the pests that they claimed to drive out of the home. This company sold this product to 450,000 consumers. If the company had not withdrawn the product from the market they would have been faced a fine of many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This product is now on the market in New Zealand

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