Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Every year? Yeah, no.....maybe.

Do I need to get my chimney cleaned every year?

The most common question for the guys on the coal face during chimney season.

The short answer is yes....hmmmm actually no, hang on maybe. I guess there is no short answer.

It really comes down to two factors;

1. The physical
2. The paperwork

From a physical perspective it really depends on what type of fire you have, how often you use it and what sort of wood you're burning.

If it's an open fire (you know the old brick one's with a grate) that you use every night with wood that you bought from the guy that chopped down that pine tree last week....then the answer is definitely yes.
If it's a wood burner (the one's with a door) that you only use occasionally with that nice dry wood that's been seasoned for two years....then you can safely get away with every couple of years.

Physical: sweep and inspection = fire type x how often you use x quality of wood

The paperwork side of things is a lot less subjective. If I don't get a sweep and inspection every year am I covered by insurance......or not? Time to drag out that policy, dust it off, and battle through the small print or....we suggest you give them a quick call and make them work for their money. The most common conditions are;

1. Open fire: annually
2. Woodburner: every 2 years

Paperwork: Am I covered = CHECK YOUR POLICY!!!

If you're unsure, or need some advice, don't hesitate to call the team at Chimney King

The team at Bug King/Chimney King

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