Monday, 4 June 2012

Chances are.......

H-cowls.....can't think of a better place to build a nest.

Do you have a woodburner? If so, have a look on the roof. Does it have a top bit (the cowl) that looks like this?

The H-cowl, the discerning bird's preferred nesting site.

If you do then there have probably been down-draught issues with your fire. These cowl's do an excellent job of solving that problem, HOWEVER, there is a downside.

There's a very high chance that you'll have birds nesting in the cowl come Spring. If you don't do something to prevent this, then when you light that first winter fire, you'll enjoy that lovely barbecue smell throughout your home as smoke pours out the fire rather than up the blocked chimney.

That's the bad news. The good news is, this is very easy to fix.

Either, get your friendly sweep to inspect the cowl in early Autumn as part of your annual sweep....

Or, get bird-proofing installed to stop birds accessing the cowl.

Physically, most woodburners don't need to be serviced every year (but check with you insurer for their requirements) so the least expensive option would be to have some simple bird-proofing measures installed.

Have a H-cowl or other bird control issues? Please feel free to give the team a call for advice.

The team at Bug King/Chimney King

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